35cm Square Floating Plant Island Velda

35cm Square Floating Plant Island Velda
Categories: Fish, Fish Tanks
Brand: VELDA
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Key Features By linking planting baskets together, the plantation can be enlarged to an impressive island. Floating baskets are suitable to plant almost all kinds of marsh plants. Easy to install and simple planting. Gives Marsh plants a luxuriant growth 1 x Choosen island provided With the help of these floating linkable planting baskets you can create a marsh or add an impressive island to your pond. The baskets, which are equipped with styrofoam floating rings, can be linked together mutually and can be applied in any random place on the water surface. This will produce a fascinating effect, even in those places where the pond is too deep to plant marsh plants on the bottom. Specifications Pack contains 1 of chosen Island provided. Fill the basket with a few centimetres of pond soil Put the plant ball of soil in the basket Fill the basket right up to its rim with wash cleaned gravel or substrate