32.7' Foldable Reaching Pick up Tool,Outdoor Trash Folder

32.7' Foldable Reaching Pick up Tool,Outdoor Trash Folder
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Great for assisting in picking up trash, getting into tight spaces, reaching high areas, picking up broken glass, and so many other uses. committed to providing products that are aesthetically designed, smartly manufactured, and easy enough from novices to experts. The tool can safely grip any item, and without damaging their surface gently squeeze the trigger, and turn the lock to the “off”, its wide jaws will close tight and ensure catch stronger, not easy to fall off. The mouth of the grabber even can grip toothpick small items, maximally open about 5 inches. When the trash grabber is unfolding , it can add 32.7" extra-long to your reach, and allows you to easily reach items stored on high shelves, dropped behind furniture or other tight places, it makes any reaching and grabbing job easier, faster, and safer, without constant bending and twisting. Perfect for those with limited mobility, arthritis, painful back conditions and those recovering from surgery. The grabber reaching aid