3 Piece Patterned Cat Scratching Board Lounger Set

3 Piece Patterned Cat Scratching Board Lounger Set
Categories: Cat, Cat Baskets & Beds
Brand: Milo & Misty
Size: 7.6 H x 48.0 W x 22.5 D cm
21.99 GBP
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Let your cat scratch around the home without causing damage with the Milo & Misty 3-Pack Scratching Board Set. A stylish way to stop your cat from making its mark on curtains, carpets, and furniture, the scratching boards come in 3 different designs/strong which will look great placed around the home. The boards are made from strong lightweight yet durable corrugated cards and can be moved from room to room with ease. As well as satisfying natural scratching instincts, keeping claws healthy and protecting furnishings, the boards also double up as lounger beds. Perfect for relaxing, stretching, and sleeping. Raised sides on either end of the boards give your cat something to rest against whilst relaxing. Also strong includes a packet of catnip. Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.