3 Piece Birdhouse Freestanding Hedgehog Set

3 Piece Birdhouse Freestanding Hedgehog Set
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: brown
Size: 20.0 H x 40.0 W x 48.0 D cm
36.99 GBP
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Our wildlife habitat bundle comprises three parts and offers fantastic value - part one is a hedgehog house, complete with bark and moss roof for a little added camouflage. Made from untreated wood (best for the hedgehogs as it emits no fumes), this home provides the ideal place for hogs to shelter from the elements, or even hibernate for the winter. Part two of the set is the hanging love birds wild nest box. Made from wood with bark skin, this attractive nest box is perfect for smaller birds that visit your garden. The third part of the bundle is the hanging bird feeder table. A simple yet attractive addition to your garden, this bird table is a great way to view the feathered visitors to your garden up close.