3 pack the large aquarium plants

3 pack the large aquarium plants
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Description of the product: 25 cmcouleur: green, purplemateriah: plastic contained of the packaging: 3pcs Simulation water plants1. Material This article is done with a high quality material for durable and durable use without discoloration and smell. Since artificial plants do not release oxygen or carbon dioxide in your aquarium water, they do not affect water chemistry and associated aquarium conditions. Give your residents of Aquarium a Environment without stress 2.Aquariumy you can place any type or size of the plants where you want in your aquarium. With artificial plants, your aquascaping options are endless. 3.Auve, it is an excellent and beautiful decoration for the aquarium or the aquarium without harming water, fish and other living beings. Artificial plants are not harvested in other bodies of water, they will not introduce pests foreigners or harmful in your aquarium. 4. Conventation in relation to natural plants, it will not rot, more beautiful and attractive. They do