20cm Cat Stairs Perch

20cm Cat Stairs Perch
Brand: PawHut
Color: brown,gray
Size: 66.0 H x 60.0 W x 40.0 D cm
41.99 GBP
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Suitable for less abled pets, these PawHut pet stairs help them get to higher spots with ease, such as beds and sofas. You can choose between three or four steps, depending on the height they’re trying to reach. There’s a hanging ball for fun - perfect for when they’re feeling playful, and when they’re tired, they will relax in their private space at the bottom. Made from particle board, it has a strong base, whilst the plush steps are soft on their paws, providing stability and comfort. - Adjustable height - change between three and four steps - Support their step whether they’re growing old, short of stature or injured - A condo for cat to rest - Hanging toy ball for added fun - Recommended for cats up to 5kg - Assembly required - Colour: Black and grey - Material: Particle board, plush and felt cloth - Dimensions: 66H x 60L x 40Wcm. First and fourth step: 40L x 15Wcm. Second and third step: 40L x 30Wcm. Each step height: Off the ground: 18cm, 33cm, 50cm and 66cm. Inside cat house: 30H x 38L x 27Wcm. Cat hole: Dia 16cm. Hanging ball: Dia 4cm. Cat house post: Dia 2.5cm. Other post: Dia 6.7cm - Item label: D06-160V00GY