2 Piece Gray Cat Scratcher

2 Piece Gray Cat Scratcher
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Self-grooming and itch rubbing are cats’ greatest hobbies. This product is designed according to the cat’s new toy habits. Grooming and scratching the itchy rash makes your cat completely independent. < p> It can attract cats to scratch, and you can also enjoy the taste of massage when you are not at home. The brush can be hung on the stand or on the stand for easy maintenance. Usage: Installed on the edge of the small groove, you can place grass attracting the kittens. The most suitable hair remover for cats The corners are natural and help to care for the fur. You can easily brush flat or corner surfaces. Easy to install: Use double-sided tape and screws to easily attach it to the wall, corner or table leg. Environmental protection: durable and washable plastic materials can be reused. Pet hair is easy to remove and clean. Your cat will love being able to dress while massaging itself at the same time. < /p> Plastic massage brushes can improve hair cell activity and prevent cats from