15*18cm Biochemical Aquarium Filter

15*18cm Biochemical Aquarium Filter
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[Applicable to a variety of aquariums] Comes with 2 suction cups for absorbing glass, which can be installed anywhere, and can also be used as a front or secondary filter; very suitable for shrimp tanks, fighting fish tanks, breeding tanks, turtle tanks, goldfish, discus, crayfish, fry, juvenile or other fish. [Function of multiple filtering] The sponge filter has two small filter boxes, which means that a larger area can be used to sow beneficial nitrifying bacteria, with faster circulation and better filtering effect. The sponge filter provides mechanical and biological filtration, which provides an ideal place for bacterial colonization. The sponge can capture larger particles of debris and mechanically purify the water without catching juvenile fish. [Keep the water clean] You can easily remove 2 sponges from the filter to clean or replace it. It also has a filter holder inside to help remove harmful substances and provide additional cleaning functions. The circulation is faster,