120cm Jabari Cat Tree

120cm Jabari Cat Tree
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown,gray
Size: 120.0 H x 48.0 W x 48.0 D cm
37.94 GBP
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Keep your cat/kitten happy with this cat tree. It features multiple platforms to lounge on, including the middle house, side hammock, top cushioned bed, and multiple perches. The scratching post gives your pet somewhere safe to sharpen their claws and saves your furniture from damage. Rest, play, and exercise, this is a place where they can be all day and night. The multi-level design keeps them entertained and active. Covered with short plush upholstery, it is soft and cozy. Particleboard frame with flat base keeps tree balanced and steady. Features a house, three perches, a large top bed, a side hammock, a teasing rope, and a dangling ball. Maximum cat loads 5kg.