114cm Cameron Cat Tree

114cm Cameron Cat Tree
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown,gray
Size: 114.0 H x 67.0 W x 38.5 D cm
68.97 GBP
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The traditional cat tree, reimagined, brings this beautiful piece into your cat’s life for something they’ll adore all day and night long. Using MDF for a structure that is tough and durable, it is formed into a four-tier design consisting of a bottom house and three perches - giving them plenty of room to move about and keeping them entertained and active. Each perch features a plush cushion for a soft and comfortable place to rest. With jute-wrapped posts for them to scratch their claws safely, this tree is completed with a large base that keeps it upright. The only place they’ll want to rest and play. Features: soft cushion pads all over for comfort. The bottom house features two large entrances for easy access. Jute rope-wrapped posts so they can scratch their claws and keep them sharp and in shape, allow your pet to safely keep their claws in shape. Multi-level design so they can move around and keep active.