105cm Fortuna Cat Tree

105cm Fortuna Cat Tree
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: gray
Size: 105.0 H x 35.0 W x 35.0 D cm
35.99 GBP
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This cat tree is the perfect retreat for your cats to scratch, climb, perch, hide, and rest. The cat tree gives your cats the chance to stretch and exercise, especially in the cold winter months when they are stuck indoors. It provides your cat with an optimum surface to sharpen its claws. a place to play. A way to climb and jump. When they’ve enjoyed enough playtime. The soft-lying surface has a perfect viewing point for resting and observing the surroundings. This cat scratching post perfectly fits within any room. Providing a pleasant sight with guaranteed feel-good comfort for both animals and people. Colour: Light Grey