1000W Glass Jug Food Blender Smoothie Maker

1000W Glass Jug Food Blender Smoothie Maker
Brand: VonShef
Color: black,gray
Size: 48.0 H x 16.4 W x 19.3 D cm
69.99 GBP
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Whether it’s for whipping up vitamin-packed smoothies, hearty soups, indulgent milkshakes, or even crushed ice cocktails Pina Coladas, anyone. every kitchen needs a blender. If you’re ready to introduce powerful pulverizing into your kitchen, this multi-functional glass jar blender is the ideal solution. Take total control over your blending with a step-less rotary speed dial, complete with a pulse, ice crushing, and smoothie modes for added versatility: Pulse mode. Delivers intermittent bursts for quick, efficient blending. Ice crushing. 30-Second pulse cycle for delicately crushed ice. Smoothie. 60-Second continuous cycle for ideal smoothie consistency. With its stainless steel housing, 6 blades, and a double-locking safety mechanism, this blender offers powerful, long-lasting, and safe performance.