1000ml Stoneware and Brass Effect Jar

1000ml Stoneware and Brass Effect Jar
Categories: Fish, Fish food
Brand: MasterClass
Color: black,brown
Size: 14.5 H x 11.1 W x 11.1 D cm
29.87 GBP
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Nothing says luxury quite like shimmering brass set against a sleek matte black backdrop. So store your coffee in splendour with this stoneware and brass-effect coffee canister. With its minimalist look, it’s sure to make a handsome display piece on your worktop or shelf. Trend-setting style aside, this is a very useful space-saver for your kitchen. It’s durable, it has a generous capacity, and its bamboo lid creates an airtight seal so your coffee stays fresh for longer! It’s ideal for storing any kind of coffee, whether it’s beans, grounds, or instant granules.