0.1L Hydor Feeder Aquarium Accessory

0.1L Hydor Feeder Aquarium Accessory
Categories: Fish, Fish food, Fish Tanks
Brand: Hydor
Color: black
Size: 5.4 H x 7.0 W x 13.2 D cm
78.99 GBP
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The automatic fish food dispenser Chef Pro is able to dispense all types of fish feed, granules and flakes, thanks to the four different types of dispensers to be applied to the tank outlet. The patented internal auger mechanism ensures a constant dosage of food. The fish feeder is equipped with an anti-humidity front door that opens only during food administration: a special spring, in fact, keeps it closed, preventing moisture from entering the tank. Simple to use, the Chef Pro dispenser is programmable up to 3 feedings of food per day, complete with two indicator lights to signal low batteries, stand-by or malfunction. It works with two non-rechargeable 1,5 volt alkaline batteries (not included), making it a safe product due to the low voltage. The 100 ml capacity tank is easy to clean as it is detachable from the electronic part of the device. However, it is recommended not to use detergents or chemicals for maintenance.The food dispenser Chef Pro features a convenient Velcro fastening system and therefore adapts to different aquarium models. It fits perfectly into the models (from 60 upwards) of the tanks of the Capri, Cayman, Dubai and Star lines by Ferplast thanks to the doors or compartments already predisposed on their lids.