The EcoJel Project - Understanding Jellyfish In The Irish Sea The EcoJel Project - Understanding Jellyfish In The Irish Sea
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Jellyfish Action & Awareness Campaign

The EcoJel team initiated the creation of the Jellyfish Action & Awareness Group of Ireland and Wales which includes experts from Beaumont Poison Centre, Pre-hospital Emergency Care experts, hospital A&E consultants, local GPs and water safety officers. The first output from this group is a
best practice guide for the treatment of jellyfish sting that has been issued in 2010.

As part of the awareness campaign, at least 15 workshops/talks have already been carried out throughout the cross-border region. These talks aim to embed knowledge of jellyfish and their associated impacts under predicted climate change scenarios amongst talk participants. This capacity building will assist stakeholders in local areas to address coastal management problems regarding jellyfish nuisance blooms in the future. More workshops will be organised in 2011. If interested please contact us.

During the talks we found that the audience were very interested in knowing more about jellyfish but also were very interested in sharing their valuable field observations with us. To facilitate these exchanges, we launched a facebook page, which allows anyone to share their observations and pictures of jellyfish with the EcoJel team and any other jellyfish enthusiast.

To raise jellyfish awareness, the EcoJel team also gave newspapers, radio and TV interviews:

  • Dr Victoria Hobson talks to Pembrokeshire Wildlife about jellyfish and turtles - view here
  • Prof. Graeme Hays talks on Radio Wales' Science Café about tagging jellyfish - listen here
  • Dr Tom Doyle talks on the Mooney Goes Wild Show about jellyfish - listen here
  • Dr Tom Doyle talks to Marcus Connaughton on RTE's Seascapes about the EcoJel Project - listen here
  • Dr Tom Doyle speaks about tagging the highly venomous Lion's Mane Jellyfish on RTE's Morning Ireland Show - listen here
  • Dr Victoria Hobson speaks to Planet Earth about tagging jellyfish - listen here

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